Sweet poison

her face bright like a sunny summer day.
the serene voice echoes like a river flowing my way.
my mouth opens to utter words I do not want to say,
without comprehension I cannot stop feeling this way
the poison burns but its sweetness sends my mind astray
I feel more drawn the more I try evading
I cannot have but the thought that I can has no ending
my hand is lurking in fire yet I feel no burning.
I'm intent on leaving but somehow I'm staying.
the object of my hurting strangely brings me healing.
inexplicably it becomes sweet but again poisoning.
when Im put to the test what I feel outplays reason.
with my wrists bound by my feelings my heart has
led me to prison. my mind cannot make sense of what my
heart has chosen. my feelings submit to me that my mind
is guilty of treason, for my soul and very essence has
fallen in love with sweet poison.

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