Sweet Release

As the seconds pass I watch the hands on the clock,
waiting patiently for the storm on my chair I rock.
The storm is inevitable and will be incredible so
I go to the fridge for a cold one and an edible.
I hear a loud crack in the sky, I run to the window
I cant believe my eyes its terrible.a funnel cloud forming
oh my I see two of them conjoining. The two now become one
I think to myself I suppose my time here on earth may be done.
I feel a shake of the floor and the rattling of my door
and I think to myself were the funnel clouds the precursor to war?.
Have I been so wrong that God has forsaken me? I remain
optimistic for the storm has not yet taken me.Most of my life I've prayed for peace
and now I've found it,in the sweet release.

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