“Sweet rest”

Booh-yeah!, i can breathe again
Air pristine and cool, like it used to be
I'm hale, swift and agile
My foundation is immovable
No more tremors and convulsions, hallelujah!
"Sweet rest", the earth whistled.
Whoopee!, my forests bloom again
The leaves are green and lush like it used to be
The hewers are gone into hiding
"Why are humans on lock down?", asked the sea
"oh, corona one nine chased them in", whooshed the wind
"Sweet rest", the earth whistled.
"Coro what did you say?", rumbled the thunder
"Never heard that name before" quaked the mountain
"It's a dangerous virus " roared the lion
"I hear many humans have died" hissed the snake
On went the chit-chat until all shouted "hallelujah"
"Sweet rest", the earth whistled.
"Shouldn't we show empathy?", clicked the capybara
"We all need each other" coed the dove
"Hope they get well soon" they cried in prayer to God
Suddenly, the rainbow dispersed across the sky
"It's a good sign they'll be fine soon", all chorused
"Sweet rest", the earth whistled.

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