Sweetie Listen

Have you ever hid in the closet afraid of someone else?
Not a person, or an item, Literally yourself.
It’s confusing, yeah, I know, but soon you will see.
Just sit down, grab a seat, and listen to me.

It's hard to know what is wrong, cause it’s just a feeling.
The feeling that you're different and everyone can see.
So you hide away the feelings.
You push them down inside.
Into a tiny little box that you made inside your mind.

You think it’s good, it’s for the best, that no one sees.
But little do you know,
That It will bring you to your knees.
You don’t understand that it’s something you can’t hide.
Cause it will tear you down, break you down, and make you want to die.

It’s scary, yes, I know, afraid what people think.
But their opinion doesn’t matter,
Only what you think.
But sweetie, please sit down, and listen to me.

It is a scary world, we fight for what's right,
But not everybody wants to join us in our fight.
Some people say that it's wrong,
That were monsters, so hide.
But, that's not the real reason,
So baby please don’t hide.

I know people are mean,
I’ve seen it first hand,
But nothing should stop you from saying,
This is who i am,
Cause truthfully, sweetie you have to understand.

Those people, they will never change and never go away,
Because they are the people, who are just afraid of change,
But child I have hope.
That maybe one day things will change,
But child you have to understand that,
That day is not today.

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