Sweetness Incarnate

A dazzling smile.
It's hard to imagine from miles away how much hearts long to merge
That soon a curious leap sprawls into the strongest urge.
How I ache for the pleasure of rendezvous,
to become enthralled, to soothe and abate doubts
that this veneer of preeminence, ascertain by flesh,
isn't the musings of a defunct mind.
My arms are vines around you,
woven tight, exuding awaited bliss.
The caressing of our bodies
like desperate shards of wood
that cling, engaged in friction
until fire growls out its apex.
Time dissolves to a whisper...
and boundless awe spews from our eyes,
mirroring another, fixed
to a statuesque gaze.
Sweetness Incarnate...
I plead with the fates for mercy
not to forsake the privilege
of speaking to her a forthcoming twilight.
Let my candle burn and scintillate
that she will view it afar
and welcome herself abode.

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