Swimming in My Mind

If the earth were an ocean,
An expansive wave crashing
Against each atmosphere,
You are a shark and I am a single drop of blood,
Breaking the surface just enough for you to sense me,
And for me to drive you mad--
Swimming, rushing, looking side to side in
Hopes of being able to reach me,
To find the source of all that I am: more.
This aqueous equation we strive to solve,
Trying to make sense of our soggy surroundings.
Within seconds, I dissipate into oblivion.
There will be no trace of me when you fold
The corners of the Pacific, and the
Atlantic edges, still, will be too wide.
'Tis foolish for a creature so great to
Chase after something so small.
Dwelling in the unknown, you have a
Freedom, irrevocable.
Coast where you please, but
Do not chase what is no longer there.
I pray you, forget my scent, and
Relinquish this witless quest.
From afar, I will bask in your might,
Never daring to reveal myself.
I am too delicate for your devour.

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