Swimming Lessons

Have you ever known someone whose goal is to always bring you down?
As though they throw you overboard just to watch you drown.
Life jackets they have plenty, to help they wouldn't dare,
they let you struggle all alone all they do is stare.
How can they simply sit there can't you see I need a hand,
what part of "I am drowning" don't you understand?
So here you are again they betrayed you no surprise,
you wouldn't be here sinking if not for tricks and lies.
It's almost like they planned it, waited till you're dry
And up on shore, offer you a ride back home then toss you overboard.
The goal is to make you weaker, it builds their self-esteem.
What they don't see coming is you're stronger than you seem.
What they use to break you, build endurance they can't match,
even stabbing in the back doesn't leave a scratch.
After twenty years, it takes no time to swim ashore,
keep your jackets and your ride who needs you anymore.
At first your plan was working, for years the rejection hurt,
but thanks to you I'm ready
your constant betrayal has made me alert.

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