Swine to Saviors

Cast not your pearls before swine,
the reference does go.
Swine everywhere that I see,
all my pearls I do throw.
Swine in the streets; swine in the homes; swine in the schools.
Oh swine, leave me alone!
My pearls are now dingy, dull, haggard things.
Once they were lovely, cherished by me.
Oh wait. is that another curlycue tail that I see?
And could it really be attached to me?
Am I swine, too, a part of the whole?
I thought myself here as savior to all.
If I am swine, too, could it truly be
that swine are here as savior to me?
If we are all swine, then we are all saviors, too.
The tarnish of my pearls, just an illusory fool.
My pearls I do find light, lovely and new,
never were damaged; it was just my poor view.
The swine are my saviors.
And I, savior to thine.
Blended perfection within us.
Swine to saviors, mankind.

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