Swingset Therapy

Back and forth

Up and down

I swing

Higher and higher

Just barely

Grasping the stars

There is no moon

I am alone

I reach out

To the empty

Swing beside me

Wishing you still

Inhabited it

but just as it was

The night we were

Together, I'm reaching

For something that

Will not reach back

There was a

Full moon

That night.

It was painful

To see such completeness

In the sky,

But to feel none of it

On earth.

You swung beside me

For but a moment.

Side by side

In perfect unison.

As I yearned for you,

You leapt in the air

Alighted and strolled away.

I swing now

Willing the memory

Of that night

From my mind.

With each pump of my legs

I erase every thought of you

With each deep breath

This swingset therapy

Works more and more.

Grasping the stars

Just barely

Higher and higher

I swing

Up and Down

Back and forth.

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