Sword and Shield

As day retreated from night
I began to tell my pain through pen
This was our second meeting and surely not our last
She was new and loved gentle strokes
Soon she leaves impressions but no mark
I retrace my steps and relive the hurt
Pressing the point where she lost consciousness
She refuses to tell any more of my dark secrets
Stubborn she is
So I shake and spin her wildly
She pleads, no more
Out of the corner of my eye I see an old friend
She's been with me since I found the courage to stop hiding
She has no name
Worn away by my touch
Battered and bruised with molar impression for a crown
Always ready
Pad now at his breaking point
Unable to take any more strokes from the master's whip
I turn the page where all is innocent and suffering isn't known
Quick as my thoughts he accepts and reveals
He's a part of me and understands like always
He knows exactly what I want to say
We grew tired but kept going
Rhythm and flow like a gentle stream
No time for tears because they only get in the way
Exhausted, we rest
As day has found courage to return

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