Symptom or Sign

?¿Symptom or Sign?¿
I’d wake up and I couldn’t catch my breath..
I’d go to school, like everything was cool
I’d ditch my friends though.. i don’t really know why.., “Being or becoming exclusive with a group of people may be a sign of depression”

I’d over think every thought until I nearly drown in my own tears.“Mood swings and crying spells can be associated with PMS, also known as premenstrual syndrome, these symptoms can go from 0-100 real quick”

And I’ll talk a lot, or I’ll talk not.. a lot, or I’ll laugh, or say something really stupid.. and laugh because what’s more awkward than saying something stupid?! Oh wait!
Laughing right after! “Self-doubt or second guessing yourself can be a sign of anxiety”

And flipping everyone in your mind off because the truth is people suck, not all of them.. but most of them suck. But for some reason it’s my fault they suck or shame on me for thinking they suck. Shame on me for using my body as a canvas for piercings & scars that’ll never, ever go away. Shame on me. “Irritability can be a symptom of bipolar disorder”
So I ask you again.. symptom, or sign?
And I mean it when I say “I don’t have the time” because time is precious, my time is precious.. to me
I have things to do and people to see.
People to love, people to help. Because if you can’t help yourself, help somebody else... you may be doing yourself a favour.

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Mental Illness is hard.. being a female is hard. Speak about it.