Syncopation is a variety of rhythms played In an order to create what we call music.It is purposefully made off beat in this said music to create flavor, taste, and zing!
Syncopation is the act of making the weak beats stronger.
Rain hitting the ground in beat you can feel it in your toes can't you, the way god praise claps and dances around his kingdom he's singing along with you, they aren't tears but simply love, he is happy to hear the rhythm in your heart. It is here that we meet syncopation, when you feel the chill run through your body...the heart stops, but only for a second no more than breathe in and out..the beat is back it feels like the drums your ancestors played reminds you of placing your head against a speaker and feeling your heartbeat line up with the words of Lauryn hill. This is syncopation this is life that has been returned to an empty body it is a gift from God restored to you bloodline.You are weak now but in syncopation you do become stronger.

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