t r u t h

Have you ever been so sad
To the point where it physically hurts

I’m losing myself more and more

Sometimes all you can do is lie down
Begging your mind and body to fall asleep
Before you fall apart

And all of a sudden
Sad songs aren't sad anymore
Because you've seen sadder

I wish to lay in the street when it’s raining
So that I can drown
In something that are't my own thoughts

All the hope that’s in my body is being drained out
My scars may be healing but I am most certainly not
We’re all just suicidal kids
Preaching to all the other suicidal kids that killing yourself isn't an option
Just a bunch of fuck ups telling each other that it’ll get better
But we all know the truth

We will never find a cure for our ill souls

For we’re intoxicated with the sadness
And infatuated with the madness

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