I faithfully sat by the halo as the T.V buzzed me into an alternate universe.
Devoid of the darkness around me, I gave in to the static and lights.

How was I to know the importance of the truth that lay hidden beneath all that darkness?
After all, I was taught to follow the light and to blindly obey it, the great trickster, changing color and shape, over shards of humanity.

I faithfully gave up on my dreams and thoughts as I gazed into the halo, its beauty encapsulating, restricting, and vehement.
I betrayed my fellow brethren over pretty lies, that gave me more comfort than the warmth of being human.

I ignored nature as it spun around me, pointing me towards pain, suffering, and reality.
While I chose ignorance, silence, and lethargy.

Men and women danced like puppets on strings, playing their vibrant roles, weaving webs, trapped by their greatest foe, lost within themselves.

I froze as I paid no attention to time or its law. I danced with the men and women, who sang songs of freedom, enslaved within the halo.
I believed, as the T.V buzzed me into an alternate universe.

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