Tacet Nocte ( Silent Night )

Listen to the emptiness of earth. Thus was a place taken place in a time of grace. The roars of your world once mistake. Keep in touch with the noise of nothing. Building in a warm embrace. Distant cars from far away. Talks of dreams within this nightmare of night. No light can fight nor come through this favoured of dark thoughts smeared on the wall of your mind held by glue. Listening to the cold air walking around, soulless enemies dwell within the beauty of time that can't fit. Knocking on your doors we cannot will not hear that knock of hearts with lids. Perfectly fine with the noise of nothing. But oh yes there is always something outside the night screams traveling to your porch. Interrupting. How old are the old ghost who must wake me again. Go back to the grave stone where you forever sleep with a slice of quiet. Hearing nothing again friend. Such a beautiful time to lie down on my bed. To dream a dream of monsters outside my door, please don't wake me from the beauty inside my head. Ghosts walking around at 4 am. Always trying to come in. Oh my deadly friends. Go be , sleeping with peace. As my soul of body descends

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