Taciturn Rapture

I write a word and a seraphic sentence forms,
Linking my thoughts to ink,
My pen untangles my head,
And manifests my feelings one at a time.
My mind in malaise alights the treadmill,
That was scampering in haste,
Heaving and whistling, it sits on the page.
Quenching my desires piecemeal,
Floating like intertwined threads in water.
The serenity and ecstasy escape,
From the grasp of my nescient negativity,
Finding refuge between my fingers.
Inhibitions relinquish and curiosity overruns,
My labyrinthine cognizance.
My unfathomable emotions find a voice,
Creating a ravishing mess on the white.

Soon the white turns to yellow,
Flipping and reminiscing,
The vagabond words hover before,
Receding to hushed slumber.

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