By Aslong   


In the dawn by the field,
The harvested corn still yield.
The deep field have oasis,
In them orphans Tadpole Morphosis.

A thought hammer the mind,
Since drying season is combined.
How will they grow !!!
Since no life(water) for tomorrow.

Thy to be ownself,
Sympathy move to help.
But i of low creatures,
Don't turn up for future.

I in the shelf
To be Thy(God) ownself.
Black egg for our prayer,
For we are liar.

Oasis dancing in the bright daylight,
For it has precipitated last night.
A lesson is given,
Thy love is divine.

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This Poems Story

Since i was admitted in the hostel in 2002 in class kg. (st.Arnold boys hostel), there is less changes of going home for holidays, so i was homesick everyday, missing mom and dad always, so the day pass on like this, ultimately i pass out class 8th standard 9th and finally matriculation, this poem was written by me when i was class 10th in 2012, when i went for winter holiday and most probably the Christmas holiday of course. So when i reach home, i started to visit our cultivated field, the our corn field is harvested already, but the harvested corn still yield due to new branching of the corn, suddenly i notice at one of the field that at the center there is little a bit of water since it was winter, usually in winter the land and water bodies get dries up, so in that water the small small tadpole is still living and they are still small to grow up, the water will dry up by next day but the tadpole will need still one more week to grow fully and become frog and escape themselves from the dry winter,, suddenly I wanted to help those tadpole by carrying them to the some more big water bodies beside the field, but i of low creature don't turn up for their future, and i went home that evening, but to my surprise that the rain started to over pour that night, and the next morning the field is overfull will water, and the tadpole will able to fully grow up into frog and escape from the field, so next day early morning i went to the field to see those tadpole whether they are surviving or not.. To my surprise they are happy with the water,, so "GOD LOVE IS DIVINE"