Tainted Heart

Deep down my soul is tainted
My lungs fail, leaving me fainted
My heart stops,
It feels like it did a 360 flop
I start to run,
feels like I'm chasing the sun
I've lost all hope,
it's too much for me to cope
My heart is tainted!
I try to speak what's on my mind,
but I can never get the words out in time
No one knows me well, can't even manipulate them with a spell
I feel lost,
but theirs always a cost
My soul is broken, shattered, perished,
but they wont ever cherish
Speak, speak, speak!
The words are right at my throats peak
Falling, failing ,Crashing
My words are just like my past,
here and gone in a blast
I thought they said everyone is here for something,
but that's just their way to so the summoning.
But it can only be a dream
Past memory, in the broken seam
I wish it wasn't here to stay

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