Tainted Wish

My heart keeps telling me poisonous lies
Where there is boundless hope and bright, blue skies
Lies like a serpent disguised as a flower
It constricts my neck and then takes power
It tells me that he will change his mind
So now I keep wishing for that time
When he will come running back to me
Finally setting my broken heart free
But then that serpent will raise up its head
Glaring at me with eyes glowing red
It will strike at my veins with venomous fangs
And I'll feel the numbness and the searing pain
Then I will hear the serpent's echoing sound
Hissing and laughing as I sink down

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem while I was going through a difficult heartbreak. As much as I knew I had to move on, I kept believing that the one who broke my heart would come running back to fix it. I hope that my poem contributes to the healing of broken hearts everywhere.