Tainted Young Love

Ever since it happened…she lived in fear
Just another mile…and she’d get away from his memory
An Irish man with red in his beard
So much for logic…her long-term boyfriend had lost his mind
“I don’t trust any human anymore,” he suddenly started demanding
No one else but his girlfriend noticed…him get completely bat-shit crazy
He confessed his secret delusions to her only
She struggled to believe what she was hearing
It was just another day until…he finally flipped like a light switch
Could her boyfriend really become a paranoid schizophrenic?
He was never violent towards her before he developed the disease
This was not exactly…the surprise she was waiting for after high school
By the end of the summer after her high school graduation, the violence got even worse
A female Leo turned her coming-of-age of eighteen years old in life with bruises on her face
By the third face-pounding slap one night, she’d had enough
She smelled of tobacco, abuse, and having it too rough
She just didn’t want to be hit by her sick boyfriend anymore
Afterward, she began to contemplate the concept of her own saving grace
All she had to show for the relationship was a busted lip and a stolen voice
She was used to conflict, but this time the stakes were too serious
He hadn’t meant for the relationship to die either, but the two lives had to remain separated
Forever, she would remember the Irish man with red in his beard

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