Take A Good Look Before I Go

Keep all your problems, I can be better alone
I speak only from hurt to me you've sadly shown
I'm ok in the end and Thanks to 'GOD' of course
You'll not keep me down no matter your force
Its sad you don't seem to understand
My life was predestined with beauty so grand
When did you think I'd be ok all alone really
The notion of having someone but not is just silly
So I tell myself this Is for my better to ease the pain
And remind myself you'll never do this to me again

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    This Poems Story

    Leaving is harder than most people see until it's them. If they had to decide what we had to, they'd crumble from within. We're not wrong by doing so either. And thinking that way could be self destructive. So whatever hard choice you have to make, remember it's yours alone. So never be sueded by others opinions. It's not their life, but yours.