Take a Look Around

She came looking to find
where the pieces of life once fit.
It has really grown; her hometown-
she no longer recognized it.

In the days of her youth,
they did not even think about closing doors
even on a hot summer night.
Now, when people are at home,
they lock up even in the daylight.

Fields of tall grass, trees for climbing,
running from here to there.
Barefoot days in the sunshine,
those are the memories she held with care.

It did not seem that long ago since she was here.
It saddened her to know it was gone-
what she used to hold so dear.

The places where she use to play where horses once stood
are now rows of houses made into a new neighborhood.
The wind, blowing at their backs, running as fast as they care.
She will remember the days of
watching the running of that chestnut mare.

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This Poems Story

I am from the Pacific Northwest, Washington State. So many people are building constantly to accommodate the land reclaimed from any open spaces in urban settings to the young ones that have backyards in fences where we had woods to play in to create and climb. God gave me wonderful memories, and I wrote this poem to document this kind of living.