Take a Look at Our World

Take a look at our world,the world in which we live;the one we
call home.But aren't homes meant to be safe and provide comfort?
We must open our eyes and see that this place is not what it was
meant to be,we destroyed every bit of its dignity. We've destroyed
the soil on which she allowed us to walk,day in and day out.
The human race took Mother Nature by her throat and began squeezing
the life from her.They saw it to be an easy victory.Unfortunately,
to their demise,they were wrong.Mother Nature is fighting back
and this means war. When she is good and ready she will flood the
Earth with her plaguing ocean waters,drowning every living creation.
But maybe one day humanity can rise once again
only this time with the knowledge
to not over power Mother Nature,
but instead living side by side in harmony.

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