Take a seat and do something with it

I Kept Myself Awake
all this time to prep
to be
to be
sacrificed relaxation
and snooze
my eyes close
as I’m standing
like a dead tree
wondering what he's rooted for
cause no ones rooting for him
so what natural aesthetic am I
attempting to…
can’t tell myself from the grass
And I’m too caught up to realize school
is only barren dirt plate
Sucking out the nourishment that is passion for what we do
i must be fatigued.

a dead shell
of rotting fortitude
but a
visible one
my contradictory godly
Poise, diminishes
and controls me
to a sunken marionette
to dance in my class seat
Raising my arms
for attention
In nothingness
to sing in an
Bellowing insight
in nothing
with the desire to end the performance
through snooze

But for now
i remove my bag
and sit
Floating and fluttering
As I saw you
As you passed the pen
As you saved the day.
Mightier than a warrior
Cause this seed brings life
To loose-leaf

An opportunity to revive the forest
Through the birth of original thought!
And the renaissance of the
Idea of mortality that motivates me so.
In your eyes it occurs again.
The depths illustrate moving infinity
while Still
providing my reflection of fatigue.

Thank you for this moment
Transferred through this pen
And the reluctance to share your name
Because now I can deliberate on the notebook
On who you are
And how a person as mysterious as death
Can make me feel this way.
And kill the hate I experienced with academy, today

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