Take a Stand

The thoughts in my head,
The ones no one hear,
It's the bad in humanity,
The one thing I fear.
Those people yelling and screaming and chanting with hate.
Judging and hurting and harming ones fate.
You think just because of a book you are right?
But god loves us all so why even fight?
The sadness I feel when you call someone a queer.
The emptiness and hurt,
It won't disappear.
Why can't two people just be in love?
Why do you always push and shove?
These people go home and they're finally away,
From bullies and tyrants saying “that's gay”.
Why can't you just leave them alone?
Maybe you'd stop if you had known.
That guy you called fag just one shot now he's dead.
He only did it because of those rude things you said.
Maybe you should think, put yourself in their shoes.
You have an option, so now you can choose.
You could choose what's right or you could choose what's wrong
You must hurry up though, you don't have that long,
Before another victim sees a gun or a knife,
And decides that day to take his life
So rise up and take my hand,
For today is the day we all take a stand.

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