Take a Stand

Have you ever felt trapped
Like the room was closing in
Or like you can scream as loud as you can
But no one can hear as if your voice is nowhere to be found
Like every dark thought is the only thing you think
The darkness creep closer but slowly
everyone doesnt notice untill its to late
You thought you had your loved one but they slipped away
Like water in your hands
Memories is all that's left because no one heard their scream
Don't let another person meet their end
cause you didn't stand up and say here i am
Its time to lend a hand and realize everyone,
every race, every life is precious
So dont be a coward take stand
lend a open hand
Show love not hate
No one deserves to be bullied
Or to feel so unloved to wanna die
So i will start i am taking stand for you
Im here waiting just scream yell hit
Say im drowning in this hell
I will take your hand and lead you out
So even if i am the only one to take a stand
I swear to keep standing
Untill the world realizes all it take is one person to offer a hand

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