Take Flight

I question if humans will ever take flight
Levitating through the air in the clouds so light
But then I think of her and my feet leave the ground
Holding her tight in the night sky our two bodies bound
Like the birds that sing she puts melodies in my head
As we hover I memorize every song she sang and every word she said
My beautiful Angel with wings so majestic and pure
Her hand in mine we continue to sore
I trust her with my life because in essence she is my heart
No gust of wind so strong could ever tear us apart
Now we continue to float in this sea which is the sky
We look into each other’s eyes and notice the moon isn’t so high
Our passion so powerful it takes us to a new height
Our love so pure and true always conquering the fight
No gravity could ever pull us down from our skyward bliss
As we reach the edge f the atmosphere we share one more kiss.

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