Take me back home

As i sit here back in TN watching the clouds in the sky taking shape of rolling tides of ocean waves " i am instantly taken aback to south Carolina and feel the warmth of the sand between my feet and feeling the sun's ray of heat wash over my skin and i am on the beach before i know it . watching as each set of clouds over lap each other much like the rushing waves to fight ashore and feeling lost in the heat as it drinks my pale skin in " as if so thirsty and never drank the sun in quite like this before. Feeling of the tides fighting there way to reach my feet and even just only the tips of my toes. Ah" feeling the warmth of air that fills my lungs and yet feels cool to my heated skin sending a warm but yet chill down my spine for feeling the sun's forcefulness and lossing myself in the peace of serenity that i am now entranced in as a different new place all on its own and my body and mind now guided to each paradise of the beachs embrace to lift my spirit to a higher place until when i have drifted to a place of know return but begging as i soon feel the change in the climate and soon hear honking horns and airplanes and brought back to the here and now " only to have been lost for what seemed like forever hidden behind my eyes that was only a few minutes. As time soon got lost within the clouds and reminded that " i so really want to go back and not lost in my own mind that what my spirit craves that painted a perfect picture of tranquility of all on its own . all the while screaming take me back to south Carolina and let me relish my skin and all of my thoughts for my soul wants to go back home.

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Finally finding where the roads meet and end to your destination and knowing thats where you belong and happy and thats the one place your heart and soul calls home but you want to bring everyone with you that meabd the most toyou where your home is .