Take Me Home

Playing house with her sisters to pass the time,
Flying kites with her daddy, everything is fine.
Grocery shopping with her momma, she's running through the aisles,
Seeing all the strangers, struggling to put on a smile.

She doesn't understand why, and probably never will,
Why people do awful things, just to take some pills.
Knowing it isn't right, but she wants the pain to go away,
Risking her life, not knowing she soon will pay.

Looking for somebody who understands what it is she's going through,
Looking for an answer to comfort her and make things all new,
Looking for a hero, one whom she can depend on,
Looking for a friend that will be there when her feelings are gone.

Ready to move on, to better and higher things,
But too afraid of what it'll bring, knowing she soon will go insane,
There's got to be something more than what's been happening lately,
Weakened by suicidal thoughts that have been going on daily.

Giving boys what they want, in hopes of feeling accepted.
In the end all she feels is lost and unprotected.
Done with the thought of happiness, take her back home,
Back to where she was before, not feeling so alone.

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