For both of us, C.P.S. caused unnecessary mental & emotional distress.
Their services make me nervous.
They think they have authority.
Take a vote of the majority.
Baby snatching is their only priority.
I was never in a sorority.
I don't have senority.
The accusers of child abusers.
I don't permit to be labeeled unfit.
They are such stupid nit wits.
Misery never quits.
They took my child.
To get molested & defiled.
Through court ordered visitation where at night she would stay awhile.
Even though I filed for permanent sole custody a petition.
Nobody ever had my permission.
It wasn't my decision.
Their courthouse drama caused my & my daughter trauma.
Why is it a crime for me to be a momma?
They managed to take complete advantage.
They believed I was crazy & naive.
By my disowned "mother" they had all be deceived.
Slapped with a restraining order I had to leave.
It was senseless to conceive.
Impossible to retrieve.
They are all brainless is what I perceive.
They that they achieved was a sick, sadistic, heartless grieve.

(Author notes:
True story 2007)

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