Taking Chances

Truth and lies, good and bad,
Everything comes in twos.
Two birds, two stones, be glad;
In this you really can't lose.
Take a chance to save some time,
Use one stone, knock two from the sky.
Do this right and it's sublime,
Launch your rock and watch it fly.
With a miss come nasty words...
One stone left, thou mustn't talk.
In the sky fly two more birds,
And down here is but one rock!
One shot, your last chance,
Make it count, or walk away.
Chuck it hard, watch it dance.
One out of two, not your day.
Next time you will know
Patience beats out greed.
Aim for one and throw;
Take all the time you need.
Paths of chance and choice will cross;
In deciding to aim and throw, beware!
Know before your initial toss
That second rock won't always be there.

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