Tale of the Sea

And here I come again,
to visit you, my old friend.
It's been 33 summers already,
that when I come near you, I am never steady.
For this crush I have on you is never ceasing,
and no other lover can satisfy this itching.
Yes! I use them all - to bring me to your side,
these endless lovers, I have lost a count,
but I will never be their bride,
'cause it's only you that's filling me inside.
You can crush me, smash me - I don't care,
as long as I am in your swinging snare.
It's only you that I am really naked with,
only you can wash all the suffer, all the filth.
And I know that this day will come
when you will call me and I will succumb
when you will gently lure me inside,
leaving a jealous lover crying on the sand outside.
He will call me frantically a hundred times,
but all I will hear are your boundless brines,
that will pull me in a tender fashion,
because you Almighty Sea
are my true love, my only passion!

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