Tales of The College Grim

Tales of The College Grim
(Poem by Brianna O. Dixon)

The sound of buzzing flies screams throughout the air,
The sound of it caresses my ever-still lying ear.
The beckoning of it brings anguish to my frame so still
For, despite the fact I am alive, I am against my will.
I hang my head with all its dreary thoughts still in line, still in check.
Then race my corpse of a hand over my drooping neck.
The flies now turn to sirens as their buzzing turns to songs
Of the muses in my heart, I start to sing along!
But now the stale dry air has suddenly been filled,
With the scent of life’s sweet elixir, currently distilled.
The waking of my body has come in truth to me,
But the waking of my mind, the elixir will soon set free.

In my daze I dress with garment strewn upon the floor,
My long riding boots are buckled as I stumble through my door.
The day is bright, the sun’s mood is entirely beaming,
As to what for, it is he who must be dreaming.
My time grow faint for slacking here as I quicken my now already fast stepping,
To the room with instructors there, my punishment, they are prepping.
I release a gulp and take my chair, a page is given to me,
This page with marks of blood red, which is alas, all I ever see!

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