Talking for Nothing

Priority number one was always honesty
And he knew it
He said he wouldn’t hurt me like the others
But he saw to it
I told him how to always keep me near
He didn’t do it
There was only one card he could draw to repel me
And he drew it
I lit my candles, gave them all to him
Go figure, he blew it
I attached myself to a stable rock
He picked it up and threw it
Invested all I had in his love
And he withdrew it
Fate dropped the tea of love at his feet
He didn’t brew it
Told him ‘don’t plant the seeds of deception’
When it sprouted, I knew he grew it
I sank and drowned in a sea of dishonesty
My lifeguard stood idle, watched me do it
He found the famous line between love and hate
And pushed me to it
I finally rebuilt my wall of trust
He took a wrecking ball to it
Now he’s hurt that I’m hurt, wants me back
And I can’t do it

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