Talking To The Moon

I sit here....
watching the world go by
cloud by cloud
breath by breath
as the worries of my heart grow fond

I sit here....
trying to find ways to make the words come out of my mouth
and manumit my feelings to the world
Trying, to release every single thought I ever had
heartbreak, I ever felt
Regret I ever made
and tear I ever let escape

I want to bring up all these things
all these issues
...but I can't

Because every heartbreak
every tear
every thought of you
and every regret I had, teached me not to.

I try my best to not turn gray
or be bitter about love
because I still am waiting for the day you sweep me off my feet
and take me away from this world
from these people

The people that have bruised
and hurt me so bad

The people that complain about every single thing
not knowing what pain really is

But I feel like the shadow of a person I used to be
I feel stronger and wiser
but broken and weak all the same

If I should believe your comming
why haven't you send any sign?
Why haven't you told me you loved me and actually mean it.
...Why aren't you here with me now.

On the roof, talking to the moon.

All in good time,...
Yes. I know

But will time ever come?

Will I be strong enough to hold on to this misery
and heartbreak I've been carrying and hiding behid my smiles and laughs for so long?

Can I, wake up every morning,
without you on my mind.
Haunting me.
Haunting my heart with your precious lies, spoken like prayers.

I can feel myself turn bitter to love the longer I wait
I can,...feel myself turn into someone I hate.

For what?


The one I long for but seems like only a fantasy I shall never reach? feel like I am safe...

To feel like I belong.
Because now, feels like I don't.
And it feels like I will never meet you, my love.

I will learn to love again, I hope.

"All in good time my child"

.....Yeah,....I know.

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