Talking To You

is better than spending the day at the beach,
or getting to eat all the ice cream I want.
mostly because we can speak our minds,
and because you can always make me feel better
with just one single word.
but also because you make me feel special,
with that goofy grin on your lips.
the lips I wish I could kiss.
it's easy to believe when I'm with you,
there is no melancholy feeling in my stomach.
not an ache in my chest.
and I feel as alive as ever with you laughing in my ear
with you holding my hand like you won't ever let go.
like nothing else in the world matters but us.
except maybe your dog,
because you always loved him.
sometimes we would talk about that night under stars,
where the clouds were nowhere in sight,
and the blasts of color covered the sky and our eyes
the breeze on the summer night,
whooshing past us and the maroon blanket.
and for a moment I swear that you love me too.
that you feel the same way I do.
but I know the truth.
and that is that we will only be friends in your mind.
and I wish I tried harder to change it.

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