Tall Tree

There was a tall tree in the forest.
It stood all alone.
During a thunderstorm, lightning struck.
This tree was split halfway from the ground up.
A wolf stared at it, thinking it was a man.
When the lightning flashed again, the tree started moving.
The wolf was not afraid.
The heart of the wolf was filled with thunder.
Just as the tall tree became a man; lightning gave this man power.
The wolf was sent to guide him.
The Tree and the Wolf walked off together.

The storm had not saved his wolf.
Without his guide he couldn't live as a man.
Standing there he waited for the storm to take him back.
But the storm passed him by.
He caught sight of the wolf and started running after him.

The Sun God told Tall Tree to look deeper.
Then he asked the man if he wanted to be a tree forever.
The Sun God told him to look harder and find his wolf.
An Eagle flew by and told him to see with his heart not his eyes.
The man opened his heart and let some of the pain out.
Another Eagle flew by and told him to listen for his wolf's love.
The Man heard his love, his life and his wolf and wept.
He knew he never wanted to be a tree again.
The Man opened his eyes and saw his mate, love and wolf.

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