Placid was used to describe the lake
near the cabin in the North wood.
A paradise if one could make
it to the place where the giant Cedars stood.
Their girth demanded notice from passers by,
their shade seduced many to rest there
cuddled by the Bluegrass and the Rye.
Certainly a form of meditation without a care.
Those spring memories still flood my mind,
welcomed deeply by my spirit.
No greater asset one could find
no botanical garden ever came near it!
In the shallows Lotus bloomed in profusion.
Cattails lined the waters edge.
Arrowhead plants didn't mind the intrusion
of Nut grass, Jewel weed and Sedge.
Many a secret resides there for discovery
by the patient one with a heart carefree.
Use all your senses for this lovely
paradise under the tall trees.

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