Tammy Kay Got Away

He ran up behind her and shoved her down from the back.
He was weak, just a coward and it was his only attack.
His hands around her throat, he gave her blows to the face and head.
The only time he "loved" her was when she was in his bed.
"You ugly, fucking bitch! I will kill you!" He loudly screamed.
He then pulled out her hair as her tears began to stream.
He lifted her up and he shoved her hard into the wall.
He told her that she was unloveable, too fat, and nothing at all.
Time passed and it passed, years, but nothing really changed.
She was just a bit more bloody and broken, and he, more cruel and deranged.
But then came a day she had taken all she could stand.
She left him wallowing in pity, facedown in the dirt and sand.
Happiness had struck her like a brick to her tired, bruised face.
She lost weight, grew her hair out long, and had her broken teeth replaced.
She hated to leave her two kids, but really she had no other choice.
She knew that if she stayed, he would completely take her voice.
So she met another and they were really a perfect pair.
The heart had found something that was no longer in there.
Though her heart was never pieced back quite the same,
she learned to love again with the force of a freight train!
No, she didn't steal the assholes money.
And she didn't want his tainted crown.
She let karma come do it's job,
and watched as he burned his own kingdom down.

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