I wish I could write in words
.. in the words that I felt

As my head
rested on your chest
and my eyes .. just rested
My ears didn't receive this privileged relief
Cause they were infested
With the beating sound of your heart
But I couldn't tell two beats of yours apart
For it was racing
Like it had somewhere to be.

I think our beats were in tandem

When you let your fingers random-ly
Explore my undraped back, I think it liked being exposed
For it would never feel the same had it stayed in the closet
It almost begs to come out more often since..
.. you managed to convince
.. My bare nerves that they loved tingling

Now I search for words in the books that I read
So then I could write before this is forgotten
And I know they exist but they elude me
Because once I find the words and it's recorded,
What if it's the feeling that gets forgotten ?

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