Tangent Beings

We are all what we are,
the reality combinations.
that brought us, this far,
we are our own simulations.

Morals and virtues bestowed,
friends and enemies, come and go.
We trudge on, with our loads.
Unanswered questions grow.

We are all tangent beings we create,
not where we want to be, call it fate.
Different roads from love and hate,
until finally, alone, it's way to late.

It's not a pretty picture I paint.
Know you are what makes you,
it's up to you, devil or saint?
To thy own self be forever true.

Shifting blame won't help the load.
Your responsible for your actions.
Eliminate steering on tangent roads.
Giving to other life's, give's both satisfaction.

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This Poems Story

Meditating on my poo-poo platter load...not wishing my mistakes on others