Tangent Fire

Her love for me was a raging fire.
The more I saw her, the more desire.
My heart was caught in a deep quagmire,
for the total love of a tangent fire.
Like a shattered mirror in me,
broken pieces of my reality.
There was no way out that I could see.
Tangent fire was consuming me.
Verse: 2
Two ways my mind tore with in me,
wanting, but not wanting it to be.
When she was in my arms, I lost control.
She was the dream that made me whole.
Repeat Chorus:
Verse: 3
Years of memories kept inside of me.
Then came the day, I came home to see,
my love in the arms of another man.
They never saw the gun in my hand.
Repeat Chorus:
Verse: 4
Now in this prison cell, I await my end.
To meet my maker, and make amends.
So listen closely to the story I tell,
or your life could be, my living hell!
Repeat Chorus:

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This Poems Story

Like a fire that is tangent to your first love...you can be consumed in an affair of infidelity.