Tangerine Sighs

My former life you must accept
It seeps from me, it slowly crept
Sure, the bruises may have healed
My cries and lines have all revealed

Lift me up when I can't myself
Let's lie our sorrows upon the shelf
Hold me, love me, but not too much
Be careful, I may reject your touch

You knocked and I eagerly let you enter
Absorbed by your face and interior luster
You were luminous, beautiful and new
Of these types, I simply know few

Expectations are unattainably high
Let us not defame or vilify
We must be careful not to cross the line
For I am yours and you are mine

The words I told you, they made you reach
You caved to the pressures and tainted your speech
Sweetness and orange it came back again
Peels removed, I waited till then

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