If I were to weave a tapestry,
that would portray to you my life,
the colors would be dull or worn,
but you'd know they once were bright.
To the left there would be singing birds,
and the sky would be at dawn;
This would portray my younger years...my childhood long gone.
I'd show there what my choices were...the ones I made in haste;
The world was spinning way too fast...I had no time to waste.
Next I'd weave a seashore with seagulls all in flight;
My children would be playing there..this, my favorite sight.
I wish we could just stay here, and frolic on the beach,
and keep the troubles of the real world far out of their reach.
But this is not their life that my tapestry portrays,
So next I weave a stormy night...to tell of darker days.
The lightning would be my anger.
My tears....the falling rain.
My thoughts would be the dark gray clouds.
The falling limbs...my pain.
The wind would be my only hope...
that the storm would soon subside;
That it would blow away these dark gray clouds,
and let the sun now rise.

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