Tarnished Sky

I was a sunny sky with a sun shining so bright
But now, I became a dark night without moonlight.
These times, I just want to find some bravery and might
To fight against the darkness that holds me so tight.

They say I'm still me and I did not lose my light
But who are they to judge if they only know me so slight.
They think I'm armored enough for this fight,
And yes, I'm armored, armored with fright.

I want to fly up high like a bird and a kite.
To humor me, they say that I can and even make a plight
But how would I do that when I'm just a little mite,
A nuisance, pestering everyone with a bite.

They don't know that they've messed me up so right.
Making me think that this darkness is just a rite
Before I can finally find myself so happy tonight.
But instead, I radiated poison to every wight.

Seeing me so down they'll say, "What a sight!"
With much fervor that I'll just want to flight,
But all I can do is stay here and write,
Keeping to myself that I am not alright.

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