How I have dreamed this dream of dark and cold
Ever since my time began in this realm of old
In this abyss creatures thrive so wicked and malevolent
Causing a cascade in my hopes and wishes so turbulent
It is here that I am friendless, tormented, and in pain
Witnessing the tortured, the damned, and the insane
Why am I here trapped in this horrible fiendish terror
What have I done to deserve this eternal nightmare
Was I so evil to be labeled a liar, a cheat, or a thief
Did I cause such suffering in others beyond my belief
Where in my existence was I so wrong and so misled
Trapped in this Tartarus place with malice infected dead
Unable to deafen the horrific screeching of the lost
Who had lived so conceitedly without care or cost
So now I am here engrossed in this Hellish domain
Inescapably guarded by a dragon that cannot be slain
I will now and forever rot and suffer here forever more
Without love, peace, and compassion for me to implore
As I am now tormented by the fallen angels of Heaven's old
The flames of Lucifer's kingdom will forever singe my Immortal soul

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