Tartarus Kiss


Deep in unholy forgotten Tartarus.
Is where I had my final kiss.
From a dead princess I dare not know.
Her phantom beauty glitter so.

In a dark spectrum of putrid corpse light.
Giving even the lilies of Hades a dreaded fright.
She whispered cimmerian litanies to my ears.
Telling of sepulchre immemorial years.

And through her archaic wanly eyes.
I saw the past of a fiery necropoli.
Scorched by the white flames of Phlegethon.
A desolation far worse than the mushroom bomb.

Her tears flecks the black decayed sand.
The dead memory is all too vivid in this land.
Why sad divine you blessed me with a teary kiss?
Under sempiternal stars of your kingdom Tartarus.

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