Tarzan in his absence was lonely
Macksh thought he was alone
Pimchi was like them .. Farhan Said
Makash limit them against him
Though the mind says about him Tread
Our intention is to expel him
Azay Hemshi without his hands
And how the cloth kept his skin
Saab learns our lives
We stay with him
We are wearing a swimsuit
From other thirst or admonishing
One thousand and one million series
About my story and my story
How do we live?
How do we like how we can do?
Our role was a decree and a great recovery
Why Najib and Leila Nody
Let's fight again
Leave it to War
We declare that we have won ...
Anto Takhdo oil and cold
Tarzan Ashran Tarzan and Wess
Without armies
And no falsehood and confusion
There is no time for classification
Chinese and Indian
There was one gap between meat eaters
McNash knows what any word concerns mean
There is no limit to what makes him sad
And his mother does not attack or guide
He was without all needs
And Machan Shave felt in the word Skate
Nor was it just one thing
It was natural ... it was real ... an Indian macanache

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