Tasting Desertion

I can taste
Words you haven't yet spoken,
Violent betrayals preordained
To ooze over my blistered throat.
Broken promises,
Pinkies entwined
While future fingers fade.
I can taste
Jokes you haven't yet told,
Our precious snapshots
Aired out for your friends.
Cackling hyenas,
Jackals tearing moments
She and I both revered.
Her poetry makes you laugh now;
I can only imagine
How mine will.
I can taste
A relationship you haven't yet ended,
The final echoes of sanity,
"Where's the old you,"
Bated breaths being eaten alive-
Sucked into the maw
Of all the darkness
I can taste.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this while enduring a severe depressive episode, during which my fear of abandonment and general anxiety took over my more logical thought processes.