Never in my wildest dreams,
Did I imagine getting a tattoo,
But there I found myself,
Desperately inking my skin for you,
All the pain I went through,
I tried to be everything you wanted me to

But nothing I did was ever good enough,
This was my final attempt,
I tried so long to keep you around,
Yet, with me, you were never content,
Because of you,
My self-esteem will forever have a deep dent

The amount of times you left,
With a woman you thought would be better,
I'd wait around for you to come back,
I'd wait around until you left her,
Broken hearted, Laying on our floor,
Wiping my blood and tears with your sweater,
Little did you know this time would be different,
When you returned, I'd be gone forever

I wouldn't be here for you pleas,
I wouldn't be here for your pathetic apologies,
I refused to be the fool again,
Even if you were begging for me on your knees,
It took everything in me to let go,
It took everything in me to finally leave..

I used to see pain when I looked at my tattoo,
Reminding me of all the years of agony,
But now what I truly see,
Is how strong I must really be

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